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I am from South Africa
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I have been diving since 1994 and to show friends and family what diving was about I started underwater photography with a Sea&Sea Motormarine IIEX and single strobe in 1999. I then upgraded to a SLR and used a Nikon F90X in a Sea & Sea housing with twin YS350TTL Pro Strobes and guide number controller. All my shots were captured on Fujichrome Velvia Slide.

At long last I made the move to digital in December 2011 and now shoot a Nikon D300s with twin YS250 strobes.

My favourite dive destination is Jeff's Palm Resort in Mozambique.
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My Portfolio

  Bass Glass Fish
  Whip ShrimpShot Nikon F90X 105mm Macro lens diopter Fuji Provia Slide F32 1125th 1/125th) 1125th) 125th)
  Harlequin Shrimp feeding sea starShot Fuji Velvia Slide using Nikon F90X 105mm Micro Lens Diopter
  Safety Blanket
  Eye EyeCleaner Shrimp Honeycomb Moray eyeing piece Zooplankton
  Naked GillsNikon F90X 105mm Macro Lens Diopter wet

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Wide Angle - Divers59819
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Indian Ocean3998025
Mozambique Channel2142520
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South Africa410626
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Great Composition
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