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I am from Spain
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Roland Bach is a german CMAS 3Star instructor who owns a Diving Shop "MARINA DIVERS MENORCA" on the spanish island Minorca (Balearics). A diver since 1988 with now over 11.000 dives, started with serious underwater photography in 2008. From that time on he won in many national and international competitions. Roland is in love with the landscape (cavern and caves) of the mediterranean sea. But his special interest is with the biology of jellyfish and ctenophores. While everybody else gets out of the sea because of too many jellyfish, Roland is getting ready for an underwater shooting with his favourite subjects. Especially his "Jelly-Art" shot are worldwide published.
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  bshake handsb hands[:/b:] hands[:b:] hands[: b:]
  This bfree climberb Cratena peregrina producing next generation. climber[:/b:] climber[:b:] climber[: b:] generation
  Somebody was hiding seagrass. Anyway... found him. seagrass Anyway him
  Just black hole. hole
  After Tramontana strong wind north much reflections use strobe. But natural light makes jelly pelagia noctiluca ugly. strobe ugly
  lookout point This nudi Hypselodoris picta has been looking good found it. it

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Creative - Manipulated (Photoshopped)311438
Macro - Close-Up727639
Macro - not swimming1029529
Macro - Nudibranchia1655334
Macro - Super macro618731
Macro - swimming1130027
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Wide Angle - Close Focus1241234
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Wide Angle - Wrecks11414
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Balearic Sea91298632
Mediterranean Sea2272132
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