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I am from Switzerland
Member since: Sunday, March 28, 2010
I dive since 1996 and am u/w photographer since 2001.
I use Canon EOS 5D in UK-Germany housing.
Most of my dives habe been in Swiss lakes, but I was many times to the Red Sea and a few times to the Maldives. End of May 2010, I made 2 wonderful dives in Monastery Bay by Carmel, CA. I enjoyed them a lot, but hadn't any UW-photo equipement with me :-(
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  Hawksbill sea turtle Eretmochelys imbricata frequently encountered years El Quadim bay
  Magnificient anemone Garden outside El Quseir
  Translucent juvenile fish around cm 12 1/2") 12") 2")
  Arabian Angelfish front
  Playing sealions Western Australia
  Blue striped grunt Haemulon sciurus

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Wide Angle - Close Focus3142213
Wide Angle - Divers44010
Wide Angle - Marine Life4375317
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Andaman Sea199
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Bali Sea2129113
Indian Ocean2231814
Landlocked Seas/Lakes11313
Red Sea86130715
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United States56913
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