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I am from Turkey
Member since: Saturday, June 5, 2010
UW photographer & journalist, cat owner, beer drinker, uw photography teacher, human beeing. "Try not. Do or do it not. There is no try".

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My Portfolio

  While tried capture shot these juvenile squids near diving platform curious guest watching me wonders what heck am doing there lights top are reflections my strobe water surface. ;-) ;) surface
  Dakota C47 C-47 47
  Pool Shooting
  Golden Girl 15 cm small shrimp. 60mm lens 10 diopter attached. shrimp attached
  Diving place named Canyon Turkey. love blue water there Turkey :-) :)
  Patrol Boat 119 took this shot 13 minutes after new shipwreck touched oceans ground. Lots dirt dust clouds....the ships stern was totally covered sand cloud time. Ambient light converted BW. ground cloudsthe clouds time B/W. B/W W.

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