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I am from Poland
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I am a scuba diving instructor KDP/CMAS' M1 and apart from teaching others this beautiful sport I'm keen on underwater photography. My favourite topics are divers, creative manipulation of underwater scenes and all kinds of underwater objects.
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  you find treasure But be careful sharks are watching
  ... when wreck mysteriously lost fishing boat appeared deep diver noticed something strange worried him
  guards underwater treasure
  Sorry no night diving today weather doesnt seem be right scuba activities
  After scuba visit TETI wreck. slow ascent spending great time admiring one most beautiful picturesque Adriatic wrecks. wreck wrecks
  TETI wreck steamship built 1883. Sunk 23 May 1930 hitting rocks small island rests between 10 35 meters near VIS island. Perfectly preserved sandy slope. beautiful gorgeous photographic site. 1883 slope site

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