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I am from Belgium
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I was born in Belgium in 1967 and still living there, despite of the bad weather and water conditions. I started diving in 2005. My first UW photo (dust, near the object, unsharp) dates from March 2007. After three years of fighting with my wife Els Van Den Borre about 'Who shall take the Compact camera now?' we both bought a DSLR camera.

In my first UW photo competition I was immediately awarded with a bronzen medal. During the second edition of the HugyCup in 2010 I shooted some other winning photo's.
(You do not have to be good looking to be lucky you know!)

Thanks to the huge number of tremendously UW photo's underwaterphotography.com inspires me to make better pictures myself.

Although, my goal is to make a photo that catches the eye and is totaly different than the other ones!

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  Swimming ribbon eel
  fighting pikeblenny Caribean sea
  Tiny porcelain crab
  If you count them well will find 10 Southern Stingrays photo
  Say hi my dome
  Green turtle Dahab

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Macro - Close-Up58917
Macro - not swimming613522
Macro - Nudibranchia47117
Macro - Super macro413533
Macro - swimming1027727
Topside (above water but marine related)12626
Wide Angle - Close Focus11414
Wide Angle - Divers511022
Wide Angle - Marine Life516232
Wide Angle - Natural Light (no strobe)14141
Wide Angle - Wrecks12525
totals 43108525
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Bali Sea1746827
Banda Sea12727
Caribbean Sea26934
Celebes Sea715121
Flores Sea13434
Gulf Of Mexico12525
Indian Ocean22613
Molucca Sea618430
North Sea12626
Red Sea35317
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Cayman islands25829
Netherlands Antilles13636
Papua New Guinea14141
totals 43108525

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