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I am from United Kingdom
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I was a diving instructor in Fiji for nearly 5 years, diving nearly every day I have logged over 1500 dives all around Fiji. Learning about the corals and fish life became a passion and taking pics for ID purposes was how it all started. I would never go on a dive without my camera if could help it because you never knew what you might see. Once I learnt where the small critters were to be found, Macro photography became my favourite settings. I could literally use a tank trying to get the shot I want.
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  cheeky clownfish watching me whilst him
  beautiful Christmas Tree Worm found coral
  dazzling featherstar drifting down its place rest managed catch sun directly
  corrallimorph shot different angle
  this collimorph was found drifting surge off bird rock wall mamanucas Fiji. just beautiful sight see diversity our oceans offer....... Fiji offer
  found these common lionfish wreck salamander using cameras flash no strobe upward angle camera managed get this great pic was olympus tough 12 meg

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