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I am from Canada
Member since: Saturday, January 15, 2011
Canon G12, Strobe Inon S-2000
Not Much time being a UW photographer... still a little beginner! But Im practicing as much as I can! I would like to have some advise to get better and hope one day I could sell some of them!
I dive Anywhere around the oceans, lakes, seas... Every place is different and can offer many possibilities for great pics!!!
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  This Black Tip Reef Shark surprised me when turn see side rock Circled few minutes left quick he came 5m deep water 4h30 pm dive. Canon G12. No Bait flash strobe Natural Light dive G12 flash-
  Punky Flabellina Taken Vietnamese Ship Wreck Perhentian Island Malaysia. Camera Canon G12 casing Strobe S2000 Inon. 160 sec 2.8 Focal Lenght 7.41 ISO 500 Malaysia S-2000 2000 Inon 1-60 60 28 741 41
  This Mirror effect friendly curious Batfish couple Taken Perhentian Islands Malaysia Secret Wreck alias Fish Heaven Dive site. site

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