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I am from United States
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Use a Nikon D80 w/sea+sea housing, twin YS110 strobes. Have been diving since 1985. I was a critter guy before (I found everything rooting around in the shallows with a magnifying glass). I had a 1000 dives before I started lugging the camera around, found a clingfish on a night dive in Bio-Luminesence Bay P.R. and decided right there I needed a camera. Shooting for about 5 years now. Dive mostly in the carib. Spend most of my time in Bonaire, south end of Bonaire is my favorite, but it is all good!
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  Red Clingfish Acyrtus rubiginosus... eggsD800 105mm 10 subsee diopter rubiginosus
  Peeking .... Ringed Blenny Starksia Hassi Bonaire
  They had do my front porch Secretary Blenny sea Sergeant Major eggs. eggs
  Pipe Horse Blue Heron Bridge USA. 160 F36 iso 250. USA 250
  double cross patty cakes
  Mellow Yellow Peppermint Goby

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Creative - Manipulated (Photoshopped)11010
Macro - Close-Up179351819
Macro - not swimming3673820
Macro - Nudibranchia1017417
Macro - Super macro1928915
Macro - swimming1325519
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Atlantic (North American coastal)4578417
Bali Sea46215
Caribbean Sea169339620
Flores Sea2543817
Indian Ocean24221
Landlocked Seas/Lakes11616
Sulu and Sulawesi Seas1325319
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Netherlands Antilles156312320
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines11919
Turks and Caicos islands12222
United Kingdom23517
United States4985417
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