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I am from Malaysia
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I currently use a Canon G11, 2x macro lens, 1x intova strobe. I've been a lover of the ocean for 2 years and have been taking underwater photography for 6 months (special focus on macro photography). My all time favourite dive sites are within the Indo Pacific, especially Mabul (Sabah, Malaysia) and Komodo (Indonesia).
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  Tenggol Island Malaysia. finished my last dive waited sun set. Divers were still coming water when shot this. (Malaysia). (Malaysia) set this
  BLUE RING OCTOPUS Mabul Sabah. Sabah
  Kapalai Beach Resort. Everyday woke sun rise everday patiently wait set. Resort set
  Shot taken Mataking Resort Sabah
  Salang Jetty Tioman Malaysia
  This shot was taken Mabul Malaysia. little one sure difficult find take. pygmy no bigger rice grains. Malaysia take grains

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