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I am from Germany
Member since: Monday, May 2, 2011
I was born in 1948 in Berlin.
I learned to dive in 1995 in the Maldives and was fascinated right away by the world below the surface of the seas. Since 1996 I have combined diving with my long-term passion for photography.
Several times a year I travel to various dive spots world-wide (especially in tropical seas). My logbook contains more than 1800 dives in locations such as the Galápagos, Caribbean, Bahamas, Azores, Mediterranean, Red Sea, Maldives, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Micronesia (some of which I have dived frequently).
I write articles for photo and dive magazines, and some of my works have appeared on winner lists of national and international photo-contests.
One goal of my photography is to show viewers the fascination, beauty and diversity of corals and marine life, but also to draw attention to the fragility of this ecosystem.
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  Shoal yellowribbon sweetlips Plectorhinchus polytaenia Cape Kri Raja Ampat IndonesiaA 40 meters depth whose compact harmony simply fascinated me. yellow-ribbon yellow ribbon me
  SmilyLemon Shark Negaprion brevirostris Tiger Beach Bahamas
  Great hammerhead shark Sphyrna mokarran Tiger Beach Bahamas
  Sarasvati Anemone Shrimp approx. cmRaja Ampat West Papua Indonesia (approx. (approx
  Face tigerTiger Shark Galeocerdo cuvier Tiger Beach BahamasDid he just want scan me electromagnetically his Lorenzinian ampoules was surprised about this close encounter who knows
  Bigfin reef squid Sepioteuthis lessonianain sun Palau

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Macro - Close-Up11818
Macro - not swimming141369
Macro - Nudibranchia9788
Macro - swimming1527518
Topside (above water but marine related)45513
Wide Angle - Close Focus55911
Wide Angle - Divers916117
Wide Angle - Marine Life2848917
Wide Angle - Natural Light (no strobe)34113
Wide Angle - Wrecks713218
totals 108154614
Seas I have divedNumber of EntriesTotal votesAverage votes
Asian Sea4338
Atlantic (European coastal)155
Atlantic (North American coastal)12857
Bali Sea3103
Celebes Sea7466
Ceram Sea166
Coral Sea2157
Indian Ocean2037818
Ionian Sea816220
Molucca Sea5367
Philippine Sea513927
Red Sea2537114
totals 108154614
Countries I have visitedNumber of EntriesTotal votesAverage votes
totals 108154614

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