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I am from Czech Republic
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Hi, my name is Lucie, I have been diving since 1994 and UW photo is my passion for last 6 years, I am using Nikon D810 in Sealux case, I do not have favorite dive site, I just love to be under water everywhere and anytime!
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  Hija de la luna
  Boxers Picture swimming pool 12 meter deep. We had so much fun enjoyed deep). deep)
  Do you want look inside :-) :)
  swimming sunset
  Scarfs reflection
  Big Heart Love

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entered Thursday, August 10, 2017
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entered Tuesday, December 20, 2016

CategoryNumber of EntriesTotal votesAverage votes
Creative - Manipulated (Photoshopped)1232326
Macro - Close-Up518336
Macro - not swimming12323
Macro - Nudibranchia11313
Macro - swimming414636
Over/Under (shots half topside, half U/W)312842
Topside (above water but marine related)24422
Wide Angle - Close Focus25628
Wide Angle - Divers48120
Wide Angle - Natural Light (no strobe)38829
totals 80203225
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Bali Sea17171
Indian Ocean12323
Philippine Sea13030
Red Sea2575030
totals 80203225
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Czech Republic3580122
United States1427519
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Great pics
Posted: Thursday, November 24, 2011
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