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I am from United States
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Dave Valencia is a dive instructor and marine biologist. He travels the world guiding dives and documenting the beautiful places that he has the good fortune to experience. It is his hope that his images may inspire people to learn more and experience the wonders of the ocean themselves. He uses a Canon 5D Mark III with Ikelite housing.
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  rare squadron Giant Pacific Manta Rays. These giants measure 18 ft. wingtip wingtip. This special day mantas were chasing each playful frenzy. Rays ft frenzy
  Best Safety Stop ever Momma Baby humpback Whales rest motionless front divers. divers
  This Giant Pacific Electric Ray who takes swim above lens giving nice perspective underneath ray.
  Giant Pacific Manta Mexico. Mexico
  Silky shark very early morning. water warms around Mexicos Revillagigedos sharks become more prevalent. morning prevalent
  floating board creates some open water refuge these juvenile jacks. Silky Sharks Yellowfin Tuna Dolphins attacked this baitball. jacks baitball

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