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I am from Canada
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canon t2i in a aquatica housing W sea and sea strobe, I currently only have 3 lens I use under water a tokina fisheye,canon 100mm macro and a the kit lens. I have been taking underwater photos since 2010 years and have had this rig since aug 2011. my favorite photo site is Barkley Sound on Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada
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  Dancer blue small fried egg jelly shallows swims thru clear summer
  Cloud Sponge Diver wreck dive we found this top one antenna masts green backlighting made wonderful contrast. contrast
  tongue flame This Opalescent Nudibranch was just coming 100ft wall climb paused rest before continuing looking mate meal
  recent dive just off Vancouver Island we ran school 1215 Spiny Dogfish Sharks. They were standoffish first then this 56 footer swam closer look managed get close couple 45ft away Enjoy 12-15 12 15 Sharks 5-6 4-5ft 5ft
  Pygmy Seahorse These amazing creatures are one natures most species. We saw three variations but this ones face was priceless species
  Spotted Ratfish comes shallow waters summer mate if you are lucky they will pause check themselves your port

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