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I am from United States
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Naui Instructor and U/W photographer. Spending more time now with photography. I use a Canon t1i in an Ikelite housing w/ DS160 strobes on ultralite arms. Favorite place to dive is Grand Cayman.
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  just passing through
  Kona Turtle...f8 1100iso100 Turtle...f8, Turtlef8, Turtle f8, 1/100,iso100 1100,iso100 100,iso100
  Nassau Grouper ..curious..f8 1125sec iso200 18mm focal length flash ds160 feathered ..curious..f8, curiousf8, curious f8, 1/125sec, 1125sec, 125sec,
  Frog Fish F8 160thiso100 wstrobe. Shot taken off West Caicos. Focal length 40mm 1/60th,iso100 160th,iso100 60th,iso100 w/strobe. w/strobe strobe. Caicos
  Hawaiian Octopus

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Macro - Close-Up155
Macro - swimming188
Wide Angle - Close Focus2199
Wide Angle - Marine Life1419814
Wide Angle - Natural Light (no strobe)2199
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Caribbean Sea1111110
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Cayman islands56312
Turks and Caicos islands6488
United States913815
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