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I am from Australia
Member since: Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Canon Compact camera is current weapon of choice, but on the lookout for entry level DSLR. Update - am now trying to learn to drive a D7000 in a nauticam housing. Look out!

Favourite dive sites all around the South Pacific - Solomons and PNG probably the best. President Coolidge is awesome experience. Diving with the Great Whites in Sth OZ in June. Update to that too - everyone remotely connected with the marine world must bucket list this experience - the word "awesome" used in it's correct context here.

Local dive site at Byron Bay is also extremely good
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  Awesome 5m Tiger. Beautiful animal changed my perspective life Tiger
  Luminescent nudi laying eggs think
  Koru New Zealand Orca his son Shadow off Kaikoura
  Most unusually coloured cuttlefish cruising through one beautiful reefs planet
  Colour Motion symmetry
  Mantis shrimp ready take me

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New Zealand33511
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