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I am from Iran (Islamic Republic of)
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I was Born In 1971, In Tehran, in an average family. I had a feeling of close relationship with sky and Ocean while I was a child, which can be called love I guess. When I grown up to a teen, my loves also grown up to a strong desire of taking photos in the sky and underwater. In my 16, I started sky diving and shooting photos up there. In 17, I took my first underwater photo with NIKONOS-3 (PARALEX); that was an incredible experience, although these cameras had their own limits and I kept the dream of seeing my subject through the Visor of a Reflex camera for a long time.

Due to Financial matters, I was deprived of a lovely CANON F-1 Housing. In 1991, I started my professional experience in industrial and commercial underwater documentations and I managed to provide myself a Reflex camera that was NIKONOS-RS.

After that, I spent a considerable portion of my life through valuable experiences in various operations of famous petrochemical Projects in Persian Gulf and other water...
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