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I am from Cyprus
Member since: Monday, July 23, 2012
Im into underwater photography with one breath since 1999.
Iuse Compact or Dslr cameras to capture my shots,Currently use a Canon 5D Mark II with mostly Canon prime lenses and Nimar housing System.

All of my Images were taken on a Single Breath of air Under Natural Light in various Depths - No Flashlight or Breathing Aids are ever used.

Please Visit my Personal website for more : website or you can visit the below Facebook page to Enjoy some of my breathholds photos :
Freedive underwater photography & videography Makis Markoulias
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My Portfolio

  Yellosaddle Goatfish Canon 5d Mark2 2780 f28 Nimar Housing No Strobes One Breath Photo 27-80 27 80
  Spyro Sony Compact Camera Housing Fanatasea fisheye lens deepbreathphotography.com deepbreathphotographycom deepbreathphotography com
  Girl Sony Compact Camera Housing Fantasea fisheye lens Deepbreathphotography.com Deepbreathphotographycom Deepbreathphotography com
  Sun Games Sony Compact Camera Housing Fantasea extra fisheye lens
  Star Sony Compact Camera Housing Extra fisheye lenes www.deepbreathphotography.com wwwdeepbreathphotographycom www deepbreathphotography com
  Marine Life Canon 5d Mark2 2470mm Nimar Housing Natural Light 24-70mm 24 70mm

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Mediterranean Sea1845125
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