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Gaetano Gargiulo

I am from Italy
Member since: Tuesday, January 8, 2013
Preferred dive sites:
Australia: Kurnell (NSW)
Italy: Spiaggia Caterina Sant'Agnello (Naples)

I make my own illumination systems and I like to take IR and UV (underwater) pictures!!!
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My Portfolio

  lost blue dragon was swimming current pushed surge. careful position myself under boulders allowed me take this shot blue... surge
  background natural. clear tone given water column far away rocks. waited 10minutes take this shot little fellow was moving between weed hunt small crustaceans natural rocks
  Mandarin fishes mating taken midwater. background was already bright dead corals so made white mid-water. mid-water mid water.
  have been called assignment depict emotion shark dive Manly aquarium so wanted facing friendly sand tiger shark. This pic taken diving large enclosure
  waiting old Italian proverb says patience virtue strong ones... if this true would like have frogfish enemy went diving times different days found them exactly same position ones"... ones" frog-fish frog fish
  Ragged tooth sand tiger shark one many Nelson Bay

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