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I am from United Kingdom
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I first became interested in marine photography over 10 years ago when working as a volunteer on a marine expedition to Fiji.

After completing an MSc in marine science in 2008 studying the Bumphead Parrotfish, I worked in the Caribbean and Egypt for various marine conservation NGo’s. My underwater photographs from Tobago were used by Coral Cay Conservation to help promote marine awareness throughout the Caribbean and images from the TCI appeared in Caribbean Reef Magazine. My photos have also appeared in the Thailand Pocket Dive Guide 2013 and the journal Methods in Ecology and Evolution, cover shot April 2013. I currently work as an underwater photography instructor at Cathy Church's Photo Centre in the Cayman Islands.

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Fiji, Soloman Islands, Tobago, TCI, Egypt, Madagascar, Thailand, Cayman Islands

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  Velvet Eyes shrimp nocturnal species around inch long amazing blue eyes. Shot using Oly 60mm 15 subsee manual focus precision. precision
  Reef squid night
  Hidey Hole cleaner shrimp inside tube sponge
  Arrow Eyes
  Xray backlit seahorse bw 'X-ray' 'Xray' 'X ray' b/w
  Colour Wheel different images backgrounds shot situ using coloured backdrops except blue water

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