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I am from Australia
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I began underwater photography June 2013. I'm initially from San Diego, CA but have recently moved to Brisbane, Australia. I shoot with a canon 60D and an Ikelite housing. I have a strobe but its a bit old and kind of finicky - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Would like to get a new pair soon but for now it will have to do. I love shooting macro but again with the strobe it doesn't always work out. I've recently gotten into wide angle work and that has been fun. I've dove mostly off Southern California, in the Channel Islands, and at Catalina but I've got dive a few dives in Hawaii and one on the Great Barrier Reef. I need to get in the water more. Website is underworks but still functioning. If you'd like to check it out I've a lot more photos on there. Also on instagram @tiffpucillophoto I tend to update that more regularly than my site. Any form of feed back on any of my images (here or elsewhere) is greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)
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  After my second dive day snorkeled around reef bit before having go back boat. Found this cool rock coral mound just below surface. Shot Canon 60D Tamron 1024mm Ikelite housing. boat surface 10-24mm, 1024mm, 10 24mm, housing
  Snorkling Great Barrier Reef. Shot Canon 60D Tamron 1024mm lens. Ikelite housing dome port. Reef 10-24mm 10 24mm lens port
  Large Staghorn coral variety fish swimming around Saxon reef Great Barrier Reef. Used Canon 60D Tamron 1024 lens Ikelite housing dome port. 10-24 10 24 port
  picture my fins first time put them Great Barrier Reef. Id been planning dive years was excited finally be there. water bluer clearer expected. Shot Canon 60D Ikelite housing. Reef there expected housing
  Small bladders blades new growths stalk Giant Kelp Catalina Island California. California
  Kelp Santa Cruz Channel Islands. Islands

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