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I am from Australia
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I'm absolutely obsessed with the ocean, every spare moment I get, I'm on it, in it or near it. My husband and I have always enjoyed snorkelling and freediving but in the last two years we've gone crazy with it. We're both certified PADI Rescue Divers and spearfish and freedive at any opportunity. I finally upgraded from the old GoPro Hero 2 a while ago and bought an Olympus PT-EPL5 with the PT-EP10 housing. It's a great little camera for starting out but yes I do dream of having a bigger and better camera so I can try to take better quality shots.

We live in Perth, Western Australia and travel up and down the coast as much as possible. Boat hooked on to the 4WD and all our dive gear loaded on board exploring our beautiful coast. I currently work in the city, in a skyrise at a computer all day... Of course one day I hope to leave to follow my dreams, dive everyday and capture those amazing moments... I'll get there eventually!
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  Australian Sea Lion Jurien Bay Western Australia. Had amazing time them they were fascinated my camera water beautiful crystal clear turquoise. magical place. Australia turquoise place

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