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Sergi Garcia

I am from Spain
Member since: Friday, November 15, 2013
I'm uwphotographer since 2011. I dive in mediterranean sea, near Barcelona.
I use a nikon d7000 in Nauticam housing with 2 Inon z240
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  turtles colony live little corner tenerife
  zeus faver cuttlefish eggs
  similar appearance between plastic bags jellyfish becomes constant danger turtles ingest them mistake. Many die asphyxia disease their digestive system. This time we didnt let eat bag but mistake system
  afternoon colony green turtles chelonya mydas has settled small corner Tenerife. Tenerife
  spinThe high angle shot shows colour contrast sand background against shell. used spin technical very slow speed shot. wanted confer dynamic picture same time enhance textures colours this gree shell

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