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I am from Thailand
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I have been living and working as a dive center manager, diving instructor and guide in the Gulf of Thailand for the best part of a decade, which has allowed him virtually endless opportunities to indulge in my passion for teaching, diving, photography and all things aquatic. Today, I lead the education department of Core Sea, which gives time even more time for my “hobby”.

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  eye altering alters all. William Blake. Coconut Octopus Amphioctopus marginatus. Chaloklum ThailandEM5Oly 60mm120f11iso200Inon D2000 all." all" Blake marginatus Thailand-EM5-Oly Thailand EM5 Oly 60mm-1/20-f11-iso200-Inon 60mm-120-f11-iso200-Inon 60mm-1 20-f11-iso200-Inon 60mm1/20f11iso200Inon 60mm 1/20 f11 iso200 Inon D2000-

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