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Theresa Guise

I am from United States
Member since: Saturday, February 1, 2014
Diving since 2007, I am mesmerized by life underwater.
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  Zapata aka Bruce sings his supper during shark feed Guadeloupe Island. Island
  Silvertip sharks Fiji home diverse shark population. We were lucky observe nine species during one day diving. Pictured here are nimble quick so named silver edges their fin tips. population diving tips
  Manta magic rays off coast Isla Mujeres perform striking show. Canon 5DMIII Nauticam housing 815mm fisheye 15mm Zen 230 dome port show 8-15mm
  Smile camera unusual hammerhead pigmented belly smiles front camera. Canon 5DMIII 815mm fisheye lens 15mm Nauticam housing Inon Z240 strobes x2 Zen 230 dome. iso 200 1250 f11 8-15mm dome 1/250, 1250, 250,
  Testing watersA curious blue shark investigates divers off coast Rhode Island. waters/A waters Island
  Lemon shark pilot fish pregnant surrounded colorful yellow cruises around during dive Fiji fish/

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Wide Angle - Natural Light (no strobe)23417
totals 713218
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Atlantic (North American coastal)23718
Gulf Of Mexico23417
Koro Sea23919
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United States11616
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