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I am from Turkey
Member since: Monday, April 14, 2014
nikon D7100 sea and sea housing inon Z 240 dual strobe 60 mm and 105 mm nikkor lens and tokina 10-17 mm nikkor 10.5 fisheye lens retra and reefnet snoot for inon . 2 years work wide angle
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  Sea hare potrait
  bargibanti pygmy seahorse

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I have 34 entries in the photo contest
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entered Friday, March 17, 2023
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entered Wednesday, June 6, 2018
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entered Tuesday, December 26, 2017

CategoryNumber of EntriesTotal votesAverage votes
Macro - Close-Up3258
Macro - not swimming77410
Macro - Nudibranchia34816
Macro - Super macro7689
Macro - swimming3268
Wide Angle - Close Focus11515
Wide Angle - Marine Life23115
Wide Angle - Natural Light (no strobe)2199
Wide Angle - Wrecks55310
totals 3436410
Seas I have divedNumber of EntriesTotal votesAverage votes
Aegean Sea22010
Bali Sea11616
Banda Sea44110
Caribbean Sea155
Coral Sea22713
Philippine Sea44110
Red Sea910211
Sulu and Sulawesi Seas7699
totals 3436410
Countries I have visitedNumber of EntriesTotal votesAverage votes
totals 3436410

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caryophyllia smithii
Posted: Tuesday, July 7, 2015

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