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Jaime Leonardo Gonzalez Salazar

I am from Mexico
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Am an underwater photo videographer, am shooting since 2008, am not a fanboy I actually use both sistems canon and nikon and i am really confortable with both. I love the Sea of Cortez in Mexico.
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  Shot fragment El Vencedor shipwreck Cabo Pulmo National Park Mexico. Mexico
  couple angelfish swimming blue... blue
  Parrotfish sleeping sponwhe shoot taken during night dive Chinchorro Banks. Banks
  Diver watching magnificient school jacks Caranx sexfasciatus Cabo Pulmo National Park. Park
  This view coral reef Cabo Pulmo National Park one most successful marine reserves world. Cousteau once called aquarium world world". world"

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Wide Angle - Wrecks11818
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Caribbean Sea22311
Sea Of Cortés /Gulf of California47017
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