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Ute Niemann

I am from Germany
Member since: Saturday, May 24, 2014
Just fascinated when discovering this for me unknown world. Underwaterphotgrapher since 5 years. Olympus E-620 in BS-Kinetics-Housing. Makro and Wideangel.
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  This pretty coloured Parrotfish wants show me his beauty turning around be better position front photographer DiveSpot Gordon ReefNorthSafariin March 2013Olympus E620 BS KineticsHousingZuiko 50 mmMakro Dive-Spot: DiveSpot: Dive Spot: Reef/North-Safari/in ReefNorth-Safariin Reef North-Safari Reef/NorthSafari/in Reef/North Safari/in E-620 620 Kinetics-Housing/Zuiko Kinetics-HousingZuiko Kinetics-Housing Zuiko KineticsHousing/Zuiko Kinetics Housing/Zuiko mm-Makro Makro

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