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I am from Germany
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I started to take pictures because of scuba diving. First I got an analog Sea&Sea MX5 but quickly I changed to a Canon Ixus 500 with an original Canon housing because of high film costs.

The image quality got better, but I still did snapshots under water. After the Ixus was getting older I bought a Canon Powershot S5IS for my study and later a fitting Ikelite under water housing with a wideangle lens and red filter.

Underwaterphotography got more and more interesting for me but a flashlight was missing. On a south safari tour in Egypt I met Bettina Balnis, Uwe Schmolke and Ivo Vaessen. All three very good under water photographers and I recognised the differences between their and mine images. I got new contacts and Ivo helped me to buy a Inon D2000 flashlight.

So I got more active and watched a lot of under water pictures from other good photographers and searched information all over the web. I looked for good motives and tryed them on my own. Soon I recognized that a com...
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