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I am from United States
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Hello! My name is Lauren Berger, and I live in Sacramento, California. Diving is my true passion, and I am also very involved in shark and ocean conservation. I absolutely love sharks, and my favorite dive site is where the sharks congregate! I also love the majestic Kelp forests of Point Lobos, Carmel, CA. I am new to underwater photography, a little over a year. I absolutely love it and love leaning more about improving my skills and technique. I use an Olympus Pen Epl-5 with Nauticam housing, and twin Sea & Sea YS-D1 strobes.
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  Motherhood. mama humpback whale hovers her twoweek old calf helping him control his buoyancy. "Motherhood". "Motherhood" two-week two week buoyancy
  After spending several days this mama calf Roca Partida Socorro we watched horror two Orcas killed baby. photo reminds me beautiful encounter had. circle life magnificent yet cruel. baby had cruel
  gentle giant Chevron Manta ray glides hoping feel bubbles its gills they love bubble baths divers
  Whilst diving Socorro islands we came across family majestic Humpbacks Roca Partida islands. These gentle giants stole my heart
  very friendly curious Sea Lion approaches me near surface while diving Coronado Islands. Islands
  Adorable playful Sea Lions greet me dive Coronado Islands

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United States188
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