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I am from Austria
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My name is Florian Feldgrill, i diving since 1988 from Austria, Croatia to Galapagos about Cuba to Southafrica.The Red Sea from Egypt to Sudan, Fullcave in Austria and Spain Moraig.
But my Passion is Freshwater, also Cuyabeno in Ecuador and the last Trip to Bonito Pantanal.
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  This occasional meeting divers Grner See austria may 2012 taken Nikon D7000 Seacam Housing 1017mm one flash 10-17mm 10 17mm
  This Pic was taken Blue Spring near Bonito Brazil Nikon D7000 Seacam Housing Tokina 1017mm. nice Fish Brycon hilarii also called Piraputanga 10-17mm. 10-17mm 10 17mm.
  Deep Model wall red gorgonia Trogir croatia
  Meduse Freshwater Craspedacusta sowerbii this Macro Image was taken little Pond inAustria Styria model still swimming very hard 60mm nikor.... nikor
  this pic was taken Grner See Austria July 2014 very nice dive call fourth dimension..... dimension
  Dourado Salminus brasiliensis this pic was taken rio sucuri south pantanal Brazil afternoon... afternoon

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