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Volker Lonz

I am from Germany
Member since: Saturday, September 13, 2014
Volker’s motto is: "Diving is my life, the rest is waiting".
With his camera as his third eye, he tries to crop a small part of the big, wonderful underwater world. He wants to exhibit the creativity of the grandest artist, our mother nature.
Volker started in 2000, diving in Mauritius and ever since then he has become a compressed air junkie. After his initial introduction to scuba diving he travelled the world performing his new found passion.
He first began with photography in 2003-2004 with a small sony cybershot - a camera he says allowed him to decide on whether or not he would be interested in continuing with photography. He quickly realized that underwater photography was something he loved, but became limited by his equipment, which is when he decided to invest in a Fuji S2 Pro, than a Nikon D300 and since 2016 in a Nikon D810 with seacam protective housing cover and a couple of underwater Inon Z220 and Inon Z240 strobes. He also invested in a variety of lenses.
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  Emperor shrimp seacucumber
  Trumpetfish gorgonia
  Spring crab crinoid
  Candy crab soft coral
  Shrimp anemone

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Macro - Close-Up4965713
Macro - not swimming1319014
Macro - Nudibranchia12020
Macro - Super macro3747912
Macro - swimming11818
Wide Angle - Marine Life6569
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Bali Sea67612
Caribbean Sea34916
Celebes Sea94121712
Molucca Sea24924
Red Sea11313
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Netherlands Antilles34916
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