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I am from United States
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Hi, I'm an avid diver and took up underwater photography about 4 years ago. I want to show the world the rare beauty of the ocean world as I see it in my travels. I shoot Olympus - currently OMD-EM1 in Nauticam housing. Enjoy my view!
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  We had opportunity visit Atlantic Coast Myrtle Beach South Carolina February. Beautiful so few visitors well except ever present Sea Gulls. thought would take pic their perspective lovely. February Gulls lovely
  Whos ThereI think this little guy thought he was still hiding anemone ...
  One two Flamboyant Cuttlefish vying attention another. Dumaguete Philippines another
  Small Sea Horse Dumaguete Phillipines
  HitchhikerI was excited come across this shrimp taking ride nudi great color combo
  Princely Pose finally had my choice sea horses shoot Dumaguete Philippines this one stole heart love his attitude coloring

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Cayman islands191809
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