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I am from Italy
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Syracusan doc, but long lived elsewhere, my diving training was very varied and quite brilliant, covering all roles related to diving, landing also to that of trainer instructors. But one day I realized that all the sea I had learned up to that point was the sea inside me, at most I could tell. And because sometimes tell is not enough, we also want the images. So, once you've experienced the first shot, the others arrived as a result. The images, photos, diving, those colors of silence: to describe that sea without even talking about it. A universal dialect, the language of emotions. In 2011, I introduce the Italian Championship of Underwater Photography and win in the category Compact. Today my specialization, I am trying to convey is just underwater photography compact cameras often not too expensive equipment, which can have towed unthinkable things. Convincing even the most skeptical that the image is not only the equipment, but you must know that, but in the eye and heart of those
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