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I am from United States
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Forever intrigued with art’s ability to challenge senses of reality, Conor Culver combines photography and digital design to create captivating surrealist images. Born and raised in the colorful state of Colorado, Conor is a graduate of The University of Colorado Denver with a B.F.A. focusing dually on photography and digital design.
Conor was first drawn into the hidden wonders of the sea after earning his scuba certification at the age of 12. His journey with photography began soon after as he began to capture an underwater world; a place that still influences him today. After exploring the allure of fine art photography in college, Conor began to blend different images together both in photoshop and in the darkroom, experimenting with various methods. His haunting collection ‘Characters We Used to Know’ and the enchanting ‘Underwater Surrealism’ highlight the dreamlike realities he creates, using both digital photography and the darkroom.
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  Travelers This image switches roles between divers mantas. We always go see these amazing animals them coming explore our world. also references how mantas loved bubbles their bellies Socorro. world Socorro
  Starry Night image referencing time you find these octopus its common name
  Writer part my Underwater Surrealism body work. This image playing off inking abilities squid. Squid release their ink stressful situations just like many people do same while writing dairies. work dairies
  Silk Road part my Underwater Surrealism body work. This image referring name these animals Silky Shark work
  False Hunters part my Underwater Surrealism body work. These are Killer Whales hunt together pod. This image placing them if they hunting above surface. work pod surface
  Coconut Octopus House often uses bottles pieces trash home. home

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