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I am from Australia
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  Spectacular sight night dive. Grey Nurse Eugomphodus taurus passing under dive boat calm evening Byron Bays Julien Rocks Marine Park Northern New South Wales. Photgraphed using Nikonos 20mm Wide LensKodak slide film.100ASA Wales). Wales) film.100ASA! film100ASA! film 100ASA!
  Cute little example Shaws Cowfish resting happily divers glove. Photographed using Nikonos IVA 35mm lens closeup framers SB105 Flash Kodak Ektachrome 100ASA slide film. glove IV-A, IVA, IV A, close-up close SB-105 SB 105 film
  Having break shark diving day. Image shows spectacular plate coral around dive sites Beqa Lagoon Resort Fiji. Photographed clear water 1metre footusing Nikonos 20mm wide lensKodak Slide film superb day). day) Fiji
  She Was Once Warship Former RAN Charles Adams Class airwarfare destroyer HMAS Perth Pennant number DDG38 awaits her fate dive wreck Albanys West AustraliaKing George Sound.Nikonos 15mm wide lens Kodak Ektachrome 100ASA. air-warfare air warfare DDG-38 DDG 38 SoundNikonos Sound Nikonos 100ASA
  Front cover Australian magazine showing previous entry Underwater Photography.com competition. specialises activities Defence Force ADF. Photographycom Photography com competition (ADF). (ADF)
  Almost Underwater Royal Australian Navy Clearance Divers Maritime Tactical Operationspreparing night excercises wearing LAR oxygen rebreathers clandestine wetsuits. Photographed using Nikon F4 50mm lens Kodak Ektachrome 100ASA. Underwater'- Underwater' wetsuits 100ASA

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Macro - Close-Up144
Wide Angle - Divers8486
Wide Angle - Marine Life3227
Wide Angle - Natural Light (no strobe)284
Wide Angle - Wrecks2157
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Papua New Guinea155
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