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As we released the air from our BCD’s, descended towards the ocean floor and dived closer and closer to the reefs, the abundance of life increased steadily, right before our eyes. The reefs were naturally adorned with hundreds of plants, corals, and algae and surrounded by countless different species. On the tops and walls of the coral heads, the sea fans swayed rhythmically in the currents, seemingly dancing to imperceptible music. A tiny nudibranch flaunted its body of vividly blue, yellow and orange colors, caught our attention as it slowly crawls on a rock. Suddendly, a veined octopus shoots out underneath the corals and swims away. Then, a huge school of sardines passed by, right in front of us. This great sardine-run phenomenon was an absolutely majestic sight. As a scubadiver slowly glided towards the huge swarm to get a closer look, we watched a fascinating, choreographed movements, the graceful way the fish gave the diver a wide berth. At the moment we were shooting videos and
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