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I am from France
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I'm Loïc from St-Barth's, Caribbean. I've started U/W photography 12 years ago, when I was 14. I have been diving with the same camera all these years: an Olympus C-60 Zoom, 6,1MP with its Olympus PT-024 casing. I do not scuba, all my photos are from snorkelling.
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  am quite sure what kind goby is... If you could comment tell me would greatly appreciate Taken GrosIslet StBarths 14th July 2015 Olympus C60 Zoom its PT024 housing. is Gros-Islet Gros Islet (St-Barth's), (StBarth's), (St Barth's), C-60 60 PT-024 PT 024 housing
  Taken GrosIlet StBarths Olympus C60 Zoom its PT024 casing while snorkelling 14th July 215. Gros-Ilet, GrosIlet, Gros Ilet, St-Barth's, StBarth's, St Barth's, C-60 60 PT-024 PT 024 2-15. 2-15 15.

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