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I am from Canada
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My name is Jeff. I'm from Calgary, Alberta, Canada - nowhere near an ocean, unless you travel way, way back in time... However, I've been a scuba diver since 1981 and a photographer since the mid 70s. About 10 years ago I combined these passions and about 5 years ago got really serious about it. Today I shoot with a Nikon D800 in a Nauticam housing with dual Inon Z240 strobes.

I love being able to share a glimpse of the underwater world to others, particularly those who aren't able to see it directly themselves. The more people understand the world beneath the waves, the more chances we have to preserve it!
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  Tiny Caribbean Wire Coral Shrimp hanging about 15m.Nikon D800 Nauticam housing 105mm Macro SMC dual Inon Z240 Strobes. 15m. 15m Strobes

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Macro - Close-Up33712
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Macro - swimming78612
Wide Angle - Close Focus177
Wide Angle - Marine Life4399
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Banda Sea22412
Caribbean Sea22814
Ceram Sea8759
Flores Sea22311
Landlocked Seas/Lakes11515
Philippine Sea34314
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Cayman islands11515
Turks and Caicos islands11313
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