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I am from United States
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Hi, I'm an U/W Photography Hobbyist living in Southern CA. Some of my favorite subjects have be photographing structures such as the Eureka Oil Rig and BIG animal, sharks, mantas, etc.

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  Title pair LemonsIm sure why they call these shots Lemon Snaps because youre snapping Sharks are your dome port. Either way dont let guard down Dangerous port
  Split shot photo two Lemon Sharks magnificent natural sunset. easy task dome. sunset dome
  Title Spanish ShawlPhoto taken 120mm 10 diopter she was small beautiful.Photo Channel Islands National Park CA beautiful. beautiful
  Title Two story apartment rent rough neighborhoodThis photo describes itself. Great White taken Guadalupe. itself Guadalupe
  Title Has anyone seen my Dive BuddyPhoto Andy male Great White Taken Guadalupe Oct 15. He sure nice Smile 15
  Title Rush HourSchooling Bait fish dancing around pilings Eureka Oil Rig

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Macro - Nudibranchia11212
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Wide Angle - Marine Life12424
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Atlantic (North American coastal)45513
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United States45814
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Posted: Friday, March 25, 2016

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