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I am from South Africa
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I started diving a few years ago and became a fanatic instantly! I bought my first point-and-shoot camera shortly afterwards and upgraded to a G10 and then G15 in ikelite housings with single DS161 strobe and wide angle dome and macro lenses. I have just upgraded to dslr - Canon 70d (ikelite housing) which I am now shooting with dual DS161 strobes.
I live in Cape Town where conditions can sometimes be rather challenging with poor visibility and cold water, although we have real stunner of days too where it almost feels like tropical conditions! Dive travel is a huge passion of mine and I do a couple of trips a year. So far I have explored some of what South Africa has to offer - Aliwal Shoal (where I met my husband!), Sodwana Bay as well as a few international trips - Mozambique, Red Sea and Maldives.
My life most definitely revolves around diving and the ocean and I love being able to share what I see through my photography,
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  Schooling fish surrounding us dusk dive Cape Town
  he engine block Clan Stuart above water line most times except spring high tide provides perfect resting point few species seabird. We snuck them take some shots but they were more curious timid. seabird timid
  Macro shot fan worm unique kind lives within tube extends their feathery tentacles filter feed. They are quite skittish withdraw when sense your presence. feed presence
  Chromodoris magnifica nudibranch
  Coral rockcod curtain glass fish
  My first seahorse ever such special sighting There were couple them scattered around reef they seemed enjoy cooler temperatures bottom. bottom

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South Africa554007
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