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Derrick Laszlo

I am from United Kingdom
Member since: Friday, July 22, 2016
Just Love Diving
Santa brought me an Olympus TG4
U/W photographerU/W photographer

97 point member

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  Arrow CrabSelective Colouring EditCamera TG4
  Fabellina ArveloiCamera Olympus TG4
  Anemone Shrimp taken my TG4 Curacao
  Lunch Date

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I have 4 entries in the photo contest
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entered Friday, August 5, 2016

CategoryNumber of EntriesTotal votesAverage votes
Macro - Close-Up11212
Macro - not swimming155
Macro - Nudibranchia155
Wide Angle - Natural Light (no strobe)155
totals 4276
Seas I have divedNumber of EntriesTotal votesAverage votes
Atlantic (African coastal)2105
Caribbean Sea11212
Gulf Of Mexico155
totals 4276
Countries I have visitedNumber of EntriesTotal votesAverage votes
Cape Verde2105
Netherlands Antilles11212
totals 4276
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