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I am from Philippines
Member since: Wednesday, November 2, 2016
I'm Cat from Romania , living in the Philippines. I use a Nikon D300 and Tokina 10-17 and all my photos are taken on breath hold . I am an Anea Total Freediving Instructor Trainer and I train and teach in the Philippines .
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My Portfolio

  Fly baby taken Boracay 25m breath hold Model MJ Paula JUmuad. JUmuad
  Under my Umbrella taken breath hold Barracuda Lake around 9m Model MJ Paula Jumuad
  Hanging shot breath hold Barracuda Lake using Nikon D300 Freediver Monica Ganame
  Freediving one many wrecks Coron Bay Photo taken breath hold Nikon D300 Freediver MJ Paula
  Exhale MJ Paula freefalling early dive after exhaling surface photos taken breath hold
  Shot breath hold my photos are without using scuba tanks around 14m Nikon D300 Tokina 1017mm. Freediver Mary Jane Paula Jumuad Freediving Instructor 10-17mm. 10-17mm 10 17mm.

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Philippine Sea79814
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