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I am from Italy
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I'm Lorenzo, an Italian photographer based in Bonaire, Netherland Antilles, since 5 years. I take underwater photos since 1988. My work is mostly ocean related whatever underwater,topside, sport, advertisment and fine art photography I do. I try to depict the natural world with all the drama and evocative power is in it. I use both, Canon 7d and Nikon d800 with Easydive and Aquatech housings.
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  Water ceiling. Facing breaking Caribbean wave sunset. this shot used nikon d800 Aquatech Elite pro sport housing pistol grip dedicated surf photography. ceiling sunset photography
  Overunder image. great Barracuda entered frame while was taking this shot Bonaire. image Bonaire
  Overunder shot. Diver white sandy ocean floor. shot floor
  Overunder shot. green Iguana takes breath after underwater incursion semisubmerged cave island Bonaire Dutch Caribbean. Iguanas are everywhere they part every houses garden and...pools... shot semi-submerged semi submerged Caribbean andpools pools
  Overunder shot. brown Caribbean Pelican resting its baits after few strikes. Just once year happens big ball scads get close shores Bonaire attracting many predators. shot strikes predators

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Wide Angle - Marine Life11111
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Gulf of Venezuela69415
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Netherlands Antilles69415
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