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I am from United States
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“Underwater, I have the opportunity to experience a different world, one in which people can fly untethered, time is slowed and even suspended. The rules of physics on land no longer apply. People slow down and with distractions removed something unusual and beautiful presents itself. We merge with both water and ourselves.”

Rudi Halbright is a California based photographer who specializes in underwater portraiture and fashion in addition to land-based photography.

His love of underwater photography was born out of a bridal shoot that was derailed by the discovery of a stain on the wedding dress. The crisis turned into an opportunity when he decided to do a “trash the dress” photoshoot at a local pool. He had discovered a new medium to work in — one that would allow capturing real emotion in a way that could not only slow the passage of time but also suspend the laws of physics that constrain imagery on land.

Rudi lives in Berkeley with his wife ...
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