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I am from Papua New Guinea
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I live in Madang, Papua New Guinea. I'm a PADI Divemaster. I have been diving here for about 25 years. I and my friends dive from my 7 meter boat. We usually get out twice a week. I'm presently using an Canon G10 with a factory housing. We have literally hundreds of good dive sites within a half hour of my house. Some of the best ones are ten minutes away.
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  Spotfin Lionfish Pterois antennata Magic Pasage near Madang Papua New Guinea. Guinea
  Mantis Shrimp caught open Pig Island near Madang. Check my post httpwww.messersmith.namewordpress200905mantisshrimpthealiensinmyfrontyard more information additional images. Madang http://www.messersmith.name/wordpress/2009/05/mantis-shrimp-the-aliens-in-my-front-yard/ http://wwwmessersmithname/wordpress/2009/05/mantis-shrimp-the-aliens-in-my-front-yard/ http://www messersmith name/wordpress/2009/05/mantis-shrimp-the-aliens-in-my-front-yard/ http:www.messersmith.namewordpress200905mantis-shrimp-the-aliens-in-my-front-yard http: www.messersmith.name wordpress 2009 05 mantis-shrimp-the-aliens-in-my-front-yard http://www.messersmith.name/wordpress/2009/05/mantisshrimpthealiensinmyfrontyard/ http://www.messersmith.name/wordpress/2009/05/mantis aliens front yard/ images

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