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I am from Netherlands
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I am a photographer with a big passion for culture, wildlife and underwater photography. Color in a picture is very important and can make or break any image. My style is mostly based on the color and details in the picture. I love to find new things when you take a closer look.
I am a photographer for the last 15 years. My interest in photography became even bigger when I started to take underwater pictures. I lived in China for 4 years and now live in Ghana. These places are giving me a lot of opportunities to find the right images.
Since I started with serious photography many years back, I have advanced beyond my wildest dreams in the digital photo world. A lot of my first photos that I took, never really got good ratings, to no ratings at all. But over time, I looked, listened, observed winning photos and practiced in all the areas in which I was lacking, and believe me there were lots.

..... the most important things I can suggest, is to practice, observe, pay attent

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