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I am from Canada
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I am Pierre Mineau from Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. I have been a land photographer since my youth but started taking underwater photographs in 2015 when I got reconnected to scuba diving and purchased a compact system, housing and strobes. I started out as a marine biologist a very long time ago and enjoy reconnecting with that past. I feel that improving my diving skills and improving my underwater photography go hand in hand - and I have a LOT of room to grow.
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  wanted capture power beauty this grey reef shark. think comes best across when they are doing abrupt turn away head encounter. shark encounter
  False anemone clownfish their nec plus ultra home. home
  Whiptail coral goby. Sony rx100 iii two stacked Inon diopters. Was very happy get focus goby diopters
  Spinner dolphins riding bow wave our dive boat. boat

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