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I am from Belgium
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First started diving during one of my travels in Malaysia in 2014. Unsurprisingly I was immediately stunned by the unrivaled beauty beneath the surface of our oceans. Nowadays I use the Olympus OM-D E M5 MKII in PT-EP13 housing with 2x Sea&Sea YS-D2 flashes. My set of lenses include 8mm fisheye, 12mm-42mm and 60mm for macro.

“I am still learning.” — Michelangelo at the age of 87.
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  Divers use boat. light boat attracts plankton. plankton manta rays. rays attract divers. So things have come full circle. circle
  Green turtle bay Abu Dabbab

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Hippocampus hippocampus
Posted: Thursday, May 23, 2019

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