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I am from Germany
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Born and raised in Germany me and my husband Alex moved to Thailand in January 2019. We are currently living in Bangkok

We are real travel and dive addicts. Since our first trip to Thailand more than 10 years ago a lot of things cjanged, but we still feel this strong fascination, curiosity and the irresistible drive to discover new corners of our world and – of course – to take pictures and share them with you.

I always enjoyed taking pictures and while I was studying architecture I started working part-time as a photographer and graphic designer. Today I am working as a visualizer for architecture and a freelance photographer. Both of these jobs have a lot in common and the combination is ideal for me.

Our underwater photography is always a partner work: Alex became a really great spotter and I am responsible for taking the good shot.

We hope you enjoy our pictures! :-)
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  Ohmmmmm am one universe. No diver bother meGlad this little Nudi Philinopsis pilsbryi found its peace. universe peace
  Stiliger Ornatus

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